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Watch out for the police, they might be typing and driving

When you are driving around the city I am sure you have seen the billboards or maybe heard on the radio the Public Service Announcements about not texting and driving. Some people listen and some don’t but the announcements make an impact on most people and it is a general rule of thumb that it is not safe to text and drive.

Texas’ voting policies are big news in election year

It’s an election year again, so every vote counts and every vote matters. Texas has recently come under fire because they are looking to change their Voting Policy and are demanding strict forms of photo identification at the polls.

Police brutality – How to avoid a Beat Down

It has become common place in this day and age to hear about police brutality, and the use of deadly force. Between people using bath salts, eating people’s faces off, and voices telling them to do it, it’s no wonder why police are more leery than ever when dealing with a possible threat. This brings up a good question about police brutality, is it always warranted

ZOMBIES: No laughing matter

All over the internet and the news, stories of “Zombie” attacks across the country are surfacing. One man was killed by police while chewing off another man’s face. A woman in Texas kills her baby and eats the baby’s brains. Another young man from Florida kills and eats his roommate.

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